Alon Eden

Postdoctoral Fellow
Computer Science, Harvard University


I am a Postdoctoral Fellow hosted by Yiling Chen and David Parkes at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. I am interested in algorithmic problems with economic motivation.

I received my PhD from Tel Aviv University where I was advised by Michal Feldman and Amos Fiat.

Check out my wife's page, Talya Eden. She does awesome things in the field of sublinear algorithms.


Max-Min Greedy Matching

with Uriel Feige and Michal Feldman, in APPROX 2019.

Dynamic Pricing of Servers on Trees

with Ilan Reuven Cohe, Amos Fiat and Lukasz Jez, in APPROX 2019.

Combinatorial Auctions with Interdependent Valuations: SOS to the Rescue

with Michal Feldman, Amos Fiat, Kira Goldner and Anna Karlin, in EC 2019. Best Student Paper. Best Presentation by a Student or Postdoctoral Researcher - Honorable Mention.

Truthful Prompt Scheduling for Minimizing Sum of Completion Times

with Michal Feldman, Amos Fiat and Tzahi Taub, in ESA 2018.

Interdependent Values without Single-Crossing

with Michal Feldman, Amos Fiat and Kira Goldner, in EC 2018.

Online Random Sampling for Budgeted Settings

with Michal Feldman and Adi Vardi, in SAGT 2017. Best Paper.

Special issue of selected SAGT 2017 papers in Theory of Computing Systems (TOCS).

Pricing Social Goods

with Tomer Ezra and Michal Feldman, in ESA 2017.

The Competition Complexity of Auctions: A Bulow-Klemperer Result for Multi-Dimensional Bidders

with Michal Feldman, Ophir Friedler, Inbal Talgam-Cohen and S. Matthew Weinberg, in EC 2017.

A Simple and Approximately Optimal Mechanism for a Buyer with Complements

with Michal Feldman, Ophir Friedler, Inbal Talgam-Cohen and S. Matthew Weinberg, in EC 2017.

Minor revision, Operations Research (OR).

The Invisible Hand of Dynamic Market Pricing

with Vincent Cohen-Addad, Michal Feldman and Amos Fiat, in EC 2016.

Lottery Pricing Equilibria

with Shaddin Dughmi, Michal Feldman, Amos Fiat and Stefano Lenoardi, in EC 2016.

(Corrected a minor inaccuracy in the conference version regarding the separation oracle.)

Pricing Online Decisions: Beyond Auctions

with Ilan Reuven Cohen, Amos Fiat and Lukasz Jez, in SODA 2015.


Full CV in PDF.


  • TA in Algorithms, 2016-2017.
  • TA in Discrete Math, 2014-2016.
  • TA in Programming for Engineers, 2014.